Ruslan and Ludmila Fantasia on Michail Glinka's opera and Alexander Pushkin's poem Формат: Audio CD Лицензионные товары Характеристики аудионосителей Не указан инфо 6168v.

Overture - exept; Introduction Bayan's Song `Affairs of days that passed away`; Ludmila's cavatina `I am sad, my dear farther!` Содержание 1 Overture - exept 2 Introduction Bayan's Song `Affairs ofбяэъь days that passed away` 3 Ludmila's cavatina `I am sad, my dear farther!` 4 Chorus `Glory to uor bright Prince!` 5 Finn's scene and ballade 6 Scene of Ruslan and the Head The Head's Tale 7 Scene of Naina's castle Persian chorus `The darkness of niвмгушght is falling to the field` 8 Ludmila's scene and aria `Oh, my poor fate` 9 Chorus `The unexpected new-comer will die!` 10 Scene from the picture 4 - Ruslan, Gorislava, Ratmir, Finn 11 Finale of the opera - Ruslan, Ludmila, Svetozar, Farlaf, Rotmir, Gorislava 12 Epiloque Bayan's song `There to a desert country` 13 Overture - exept Исполнитель Театр `Новая опера`.

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